Click here for more info on Coronavirus (COVID-19), vaccines, and visitor restrictions.
Click here for more info on Coronavirus (COVID-19), vaccines, and visitor restrictions.
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NeuroRehab & Balance Center FAQ

We are an outpatient neurological therapy clinic that focuses on improving our patients' function and quality of life. Our staff includes highly trained and experienced physical, occupational and speech therapists. Our case manager is a nurse and social worker by background and is instrumental in coordinating care.

Physical therapy uses a variety of modalities, exercise and equipment to restore function, improve mobility and promote a return to the highest level of activity possible. We address strength and flexibility, pain relief, functional mobility, balance and endurance. Physical therapists (PTs) work toward normalizing movement patterns and helping you return to home, work and community as safely and quickly as possible.

Occupational therapists help people across the lifespan. Occupational therapists (OTs) work with you to improve your health and prevent - or live better with - illness, injury, or disability. OTs use and modify everyday activities to help you reach your goals to be more independent.

Speech language pathologists (SLPs) provide speech therapy services to treat disorders of speech, voice, language, comprehension (of spoken and written language), social communication, cognition, and swallowing. They also treat weakness or paralysis of the muscles of the face. Our therapists focus on strategies for success in daily living and return to previous responsibilities.

We accept many types of insurance. We will contact your insurance to review your insurance coverage and benefits prior to your arrival. We will also provide to you the information we were given by your insurance company at your first appointment. We will notify you prior to your first appointment if your insurance will NOT cover our services. But please remember - it is still your responsibility to know your coverage.

Please bring your photo ID, insurance card(s), and completed paperwork that was mailed to your home. Also, a complete and updated list of medications you are taking is needed for your patient record.

Wear comfortable clothing that allows free movement of your arms and legs. We recommend that sneakers or flat shoes be worn in our therapy gym to prevent injury and allow you to fully participate in therapy.

On your first visit, your therapist will perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine your needs. Your therapist may ask questions about your current and past medical history along with questions about how you function in the home, work or in the community. Together, you and your therapist will then set goals for therapy based on your needs.

How long you will be here each day depends on how many types of therapy you are receiving. Each appointment is blocked for an hour but you may be seen for 45 -50 minutes of that hour. We try to allow extra time if needed. If you are only scheduled for one therapy (i.e., physical therapy only) you will be here about one hour. If you are seeing physical, occupational and speech therapy, plan to be here about three hours.

Your therapist will use the information gathered at your evaluation (your first visit) to determine how many times per week and how long your therapy course will be. Occasionally, additional limitations placed by insurance companies may limit the number of visits.

The therapist that evaluates you will be your primary therapist. Because we have so many therapists that have extensive expertise, you may be seen by other therapists as well. We also have therapy assistants that work with your therapist on your goals. You will get the experience of an entire team of specialists!

We treat a wide variety of neurologic and balance related conditions in addition to those listed. If you are uncertain about your condition, call our front desk (937-401-6109) and we will clarify if we have services available to help you. If we do not, we will do our best to suggest an alternative.

The doctor that referred you will receive a copy of your initial evaluation and plan of care within 24 hours of your first visit. Your doctor will also receive an update on your progress every 30 days until you are discharged from therapy.