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Patient Delivers Healthy Baby and Tumor at the Same Time

Jan 04, 2021

Patient Delivers Healthy Baby and Tumor at the Same Time

Five years ago, Katie Choo gave birth to a healthy baby boy at full term. Though successful, it was not an easy pregnancy or birth. 

Finding the tumor

Katie experienced extreme pain when she was seven weeks pregnant. She went to see her OB-GYN, Dr. Dale Drollinger, and they found a softball-sized uterine fibroid tumor.

Though Katie was aware of the fibroid tumor, it had grown since she first learned of its existence. This indicated the tumor would continue to grow with her pregnancy.

Choosing a treatment plan

While worried, Katie and her husband Nate knew they wanted to do everything in their power to save the pregnancy.

“My husband and I were very much on board with wanting to do everything we could to support the pregnancy,” Katie says. “I had just gotten married, I really wanted to be a mother, and my husband really wanted to be a father. In my heart I knew that God wanted me to do everything I could to save my baby’s life.”

Dr. Drollinger was clear with her that if she wanted to save the baby, he would support her and do everything in his power to help the pregnancy progress.

Katie had to get shots every week and take a lot of medicine. Unfortunately, as her pregnancy progressed, the tumor grew.

She was also informed that the tumor was too imbedded to be removed. Together, they planned to adjust the tumor during the c-section.

Living with the tumor during those nine months was close to impossible for Katie. She had severe nausea and vomiting the entire pregnancy and even lost weight. She was restricted from being too active and had to stay within traveling distance to a major hospital.

There was also the constant worry that something would happen to her baby.

“It was like holding my breath for nine months straight,” Katie says. “I had a lot of hope, but physically the pain was just excruciating.”

Delivering her baby boy

The plan was to adjust the tumor during the c-section, but during the procedure doctors were able to remove the fibroid tumor completely. The tumor weighed in at approximately six pounds—close to the weight of her son Jack.

“It was really like I was giving birth to twins,” Katie says.

While a scary experience, it left no lasting health impact on Jack, who is now a healthy five-year-old. It did, however, leave an impact on Katie, who is thankful to Kettering Health Network for their help in delivering her baby boy.

“It was very scary,” she says. “I’m thankful that Dr. Drollinger told me everything that was around the corner, so I knew what to expect. I always knew what was coming and felt safe and comforted with the support system I had with Kettering Medical Center.”

She is thankful to the staff at Kettering Medical Center for their work in delivering her son Jack. She truly believes this would not have been possible without Dr. Drollinger at Kettering Medical Center and all the staff involved.

"The miracle of all of it was that I gave birth full-term," Katie says. "I look at my son, he is beautiful and healthy. It is never lost on me what an absolute miracle it was." 

Receiving valuable maternity care

The Kettering Medical Center Maternity Center is here to care for you and your baby when you need them most. If you need to find an OB-GYN, consider visiting one of our skilled doctors in our network.