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Ohio Hospital Association Nominee: Rachael Spitsnaugle

May 23, 2019

Ohio Hospital Association Nominee: Rachael Spitsnaugle

Rachael Spitsnaugle, testing center supervisor at Soin Medical Center, was promoted to her position because of her “go-getter” approach, positive attitude, and attention to detail. Rachael excels in her position because she takes initiative in creating and updating processes to help her department run more smoothly. Though implementing these processes quickly and efficiently, the quality of her work does not suffer as she uses data to back up her approach to ensure that acting on her innovative ideas is the best course of action for everyone in her department. Rachael cares deeply for her co-workers and often her focus is to improve their ability to complete their responsibilities effectively. She works to combat any issues that would prevent the department from working toward its initiatives.

If ever there is an opportunity to jump on a project, Rachael is there before asked. She is a walking example to her co-workers of a productive and intuitively proactive team member without ever meaning to—she is just a natural-born leader. It was that exact take-charge attitude that led to Rachael’s promotion to testing center supervisor. Rachael was recently recognized with the Certified Process Excellence Leader award, which was the result of a project she took on to improve patient throughput in the stress lab at Soin Medical Center. She participated in this nine-month program to learn how to improve processes and therefore the way her department runs. Rachael’s passion for what she does radiates throughout her department, improving the workflow and overall outlook of those around her.

Rachael has worked tirelessly over the last seven years to develop new processes and procedures to open and support the Soin Medical Center Medical Imaging department. While her role at Soin has allowed for imaging services to thrive at that particular hospital, she took on a network-wide role which made it her responsibility to maintain IAC Nuclear/PET accreditation for all of Kettering Health Network’s hospitals and accompanying outpatient centers. Rachael not only successfully fulfills this large and involved task, but also managed to find a way to save money in the process—something she was not asked to do, but for which she saw an opportunity and took on the necessary work to achieve it. Apart from this critical role, Rachael finds ways to put others before herself and addresses needs as they arise, before she is asked. Her intuitive approach to problem-solving is what sets her apart in even her day-to-day tasks, leaving nothing unfinished or without her full effort put forth.

One of Kettering Health Network’s core values is “caring,” established on the belief that each employee is called to care for our patients, each other, and the community. Rachael is a walking example of this sacred calling, adding compassion into everything she does. Rachael has developed continuous staff recognition strategies within her department which have elevated staff morale, letting each of them know they are appreciated, and improved employee engagement. Rachael truly cares for her co-workers, not just in the work setting, but as their whole selves. One day, when a fellow employee received a call that their child was sick and needed to be picked up from school, Rachael did not hesitate to bring the employee to pick up their child upon finding out they didn’t have transportation to do so. Leaders like Rachael keep the call to care alive and integrated into each small pocket of the entire network.

Though Rachael gives her all to her responsibilities at Kettering Health Network, her efforts don’t stop outside hospital doors. Rachael is an active member of her community, and even her extracurricular activities show initiative in caring for others. She participated in Fight Night, a boxing fundraiser that trains people with no boxing experience for three months, the proceeds of which go to the Dayton Historical Society. Rachael has also volunteered at the House of Bread in Dayton, Ohio, an organization that serves meals to anyone in need year-round. In addition to volunteering herself, Rachael has organized groups of volunteers to assist with the work and drops off donations whenever she can. Rachael’s church community is important to her, and she dedicates her time as a worship leader organizing the music for worship with other team members, preparing presentations, and operating the soundboard. She offers her talents playing bass and singing to the congregation. As a youth leader, Rachael takes the kids from her church on trips, leads bible studies, organizes parent meetings, and offers lots of coffee.