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Kettering Health Network Middletown Provides Employee an Opportunity to Give

October 31, 2018

Kettering Health Network Middletown Provides Employee an Opportunity to Give

Kettering Health Network Middletown is not only offering another choice in health care providers for the city, but also another opportunity for employment. This is the case for Middletown resident Maryah Martin, a recent college graduate looking to give back to her city.

Maryah didn’t necessarily see herself in health care. She focused her job search on prospects that would allow her to serve the people in her community. She views her degree in criminal justice as a path to a career in public service, which she believes her role in patient access fulfills.

“All I’ve wanted to do is help people, so being in health care is helping me do what I’ve always wanted,” Maryah says.

At health care facilities like Kettering Health Network Middletown, people serve in a variety of roles that all work toward a common goal. Daniel Tryon, executive director and administrator of Kettering Health Network Middletown, set out to area schools to recruit students like Maryah and communicate that message.

“I always say to people, when you don’t actually work in health care, the only thing you know is nurses and doctors,” Maryah says. “But there are hundreds of other things you can do.”

In patient access, Maryah registers patients for their scheduled outpatient tests, so she might be one of the first employees patients interact with when they arrive for their appointment.

“I feel with my background and my degree, I interact with people well,” Maryah says.

Maryah moved to Middletown for college and, during her time there, participated in a lot of charity work. During her undergraduate years, Maryah was president of Circle K, an organization that focused on serving children. She organized an event called Bookfest, which drew in around 1,500 attendees. In her two years as president, Maryah distributed nearly 10,000 books to children in need at no cost to them.

Maryah feels it is her personal mission to improve the lives of people in her community, and her position at Middletown allows her to do just that.

“I did a lot with the Middletown community and my school,” Maryah says. “Now, being able to work in that community that I’ve already done a lot for, I feel like I still get to give back to Middletown.”