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Renew Boutique and Spa Offers One-stop Shop for Cancer Patients

In the past, when women needed a breast prosthesis, they had to take a prescription to a pharmacy and would receive a “one-size-fits-all” form. The experience was impersonal, clinical, and often discouraging at a time when a woman needs encouragement the most. Today, however, the process has shifted, and can look much different and be much more personalized and encouraging.

Renew Boutique and Spa is designed to be a one-stop resource that offers a variety of specialty items and services designed just for cancer patients. “We don’t necessarily know what a woman’s needs are when she walks through our doors,” says Debbie Adams, manager of Renew Boutique and Spa. “Women come to us because of failed reconstruction, because they’ve had a lumpectomy or mastectomy, or maybe because they’re in need of a compression bra or full-figure bra.”

What is offered at the boutique?

When someone comes to Renew, certified fitters are available for private consultations that identify the patient’s needs. “Our staff are very kind, and very educated and resourceful,” Debbie says. Fitters go through 500+ hours of training and will ask questions pertaining to each woman’s lifestyle and desires in order to figure out what resources will be best for her. Once the need is identified, the boutique offers everything from breast prostheses to bras to wigs, scarves, or caps. Renew has private wig fitting and bra fitting rooms where women can find what they need in a more comfortable setting.

Renew Boutique and Spa also offers integrative therapy services, such as reflexology, massage therapy, and lymphedema services. Renew also sells essential oils and diffusers, jewelry, clothing, swimwear, and offers gift certificates that can be purchased for loved ones. The boutique specializes in resources for cancer patients, however, anyone is welcome to visit and shop there.

Fulfilling a need in the community

Something important to note, Debbie says, is that the services of the boutique are covered by most insurances. Many women have a perception that going to the boutique is a luxury, but, in reality, boutique services fulfill a need that is recognized by the women’s health act.   

“Every family is touched by cancer in some way,” says Debbie. “There is such a need for these services.” She notes that patients continually express profound gratitude for their experience at Renew. “We’re here to help replace some of what these women have lost and that is huge.”

You can visit Renew on the first floor of Kettering Cancer Center, or learn more by calling (937) 281-3855.