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Integrative Medicine: How Alternative Therapies Assist Cancer Treatment

August 25, 2017

Kettering Cancer Care is committed to providing patient-centered care in an environment that focuses on healing the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—which is why we offer integrative medicine to our patients.

Integrative medicine combines medical treatment with other therapies that address the emotional, social, and physical wellbeing of patients. Medical treatments like chemotherapy can help target and treat tumors, but other therapeutic efforts like acupuncture and massage can help treat side effects from cancer and treatment.

Health is more than just the absence of disease—it is a state of complete physical and mental wellbeing. Our integrative therapies work hand-in-hand with medical treatment to heal patients in all aspects of health.

3 common alternative therapies include:


Massage and acupuncture can help lessen fatigue, relieve stress, and reduce pain.

Music & Arts

Music and other arts provide an outlet for patients to address emotional wellbeing and mindset. Sometimes diagnoses and physical treatments can be difficult to understand and accept. Art therapies give patients the permission to address and express what they’re feeling. Kettering Cancer Care offers patients and family members art therapy opportunities, including a Healing Through Art Series led by professional art instructors.


Exercise therapies such as yoga can help improve strength, increase circulation, positively impact mood, and promote healing. Kettering Cancer Care offers movement classes like Tai Chi and Yoga for all activity levels.

It addition to these efforts, Kettering Cancer Care has additional integrative medicine approaches that benefit patients, including pet therapy, support groups, and dietetic and nutrition counseling.

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What is Integrative Medicine?

September 19, 2017


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